Yup, Henley Sues DeVore

Chuck DeVore, assemblyman from Irvine, has been right all along. He predicted that Eagles founder Don Henley would sue him for using "The Boys of Summer" in an anti-Obama parody video. He predicted that this would become a national story. This weekend, CNN validated the guy by breaking the news that Don Henley filed a suit against DeVore in federal court.

DeVore's got a comeback post on Big Hollywood, with the usual giggling about the fact that Henley's a flaming liberal and that DeVore thinks he's on solid legal footing. On DeVore's website, there's a teaser that refers to Henley as a "famed songmeister." Hmmmm.

Anyone want to make a bet about how long it'll be before Maureen Dowd mentions this whole brouhaha in one of her chirpy columns?


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