Your OC Film Fiesta's Updated Schedule: Mariachi Gringo, Haskell Wexler, and More!
OC Film Fiesta

Your OC Film Fiesta's Updated Schedule: Mariachi Gringo, Haskell Wexler, and More!

I've already provided a primer for some of the things going down at this year's OC Film Fiesta in Downtown SanTana, and if that didn't entice you to check out the online schedule, perhaps this will: the organizers have given us some added items to expect, and damn if they aren't impressive. So here now is a list of extra goodies going on for this year's already expansive itinerary.

The festival mayhem starts Friday night with the opening night screening of Tom Gustafson's Mariachi Gringo, a story about hip young gunslinger Shawn Ashmore who leaves his dismal life in a small town behind for a more interesting career as a mariachi singer. Following the screening is the after party (woo hoo!) at Diego's on 3rd street across the Yost.

September 7th's screening of Bringing King To China will feature a scheduled appearance by legendary cinematographer Haskell Wexler. Some of the more notable titles on his resume include Colors (1988), The Conversation (1974), The Thomas Crown Affair (1968), and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf (1966). Wexler's work in Hollywood is well known, but beyond mainstream pictures the man worked as director of photography in many documentaries, including Bringing King To China. And here he is, coming to discuss the movie in our own neighborhood.

September 14 is Fan Fest, a mini expo taking place atop the rooftop patio of Fiesta Twin Cinema featuring comics, memorabilia, art and cinematic equipment for all to see. Sunday, September 15 features a different kind of fest- Quince Fest- a second mini expo atop the very same Fiesta Twin rooftop patio promising an array of quinceañera culture, artisans and merchants, preceeding the evening's later fashion show of Disney-themed quinceañera dresses and screening of Alondra Smiles: A Quinceañera Story.

The full schedule is up and running now on the OC Film Fiesta page, so enjoy perusing it and start planning out your attendance; this year the festival is ambitiously trying to outdo its previous years of programming, and it just might achieve it. See you there!

The OC Film Fiesta runs from September 6 through September 15. For full info go to www.ocfilmfiesta,org

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