Young Guns 3 World Premiere in HB

Watch Quiksilver's "hottest up-and-coming surfers" in the Thursday, July 26 world premiere of Young Guns 3.

Like our editorial assistant Amanda, you too might be asking yourself: What is a Young Gun?

"It means you travel so much you get new pages in your passport every six months," according to a one of the 12 Quiksilver press releases I receive each day. "It means you go places so remote, they don't even have names. It means you surf like no one else, you blow minds every time you paddle out, you make up new, freakishly progressive aerial maneuvers in your sleep, and you do stuff the old guard said could never be done."

Expected guests include: Dane Reynolds, Clay Marzo, Jeremy Flores, Julian Wilson, Ry Craike and Kelly Slater.

Still not interested? There's also going to be free food and drinks, and prizes! Doors open to the public at 7 p.m. and the film rolls at 8 p.m.

Quiksilver, Inc. headquarters, 15202 Graham Street, Huntington Beach;


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