"You are what you pretend to be" -- Kurt Vonnegut

Like any great actress, Orange County native Azia Kim is skilled in the art of bullshit. So profound are her chops that she successfully fooled an entire 210-resident dorm at Stanford University into believing that she was a second-year biology major. She went so far as to buy textbooks for classes she wasn't enrolled in and attend study sessions for tests she would never take.

I know what you are thinking, but no. This isn't a sequel to the movie Orange County (starring Jack Black where some nerdy boy has a hard time getting into Stanford). This actually happened.

The Stanford Daily broke the story and quoted one of Kim's former roommates who said it all started last September, the day before Stanford's New Student Orientation, when two sophomores agreed to let her stay in their room after Kim told them she did not like her roommate.

"Azia Kim allegedly climbed through this first-floor window in Okada to sleep during spring quarter. The 18-year-old was evicted after her ruse was uncovered Monday night.

Kim, an 18-year-old from Orange County who graduated from Fullerton's Troy High School, lived in Kimball throughout fall and winter quarter. She lived in Okada, the Asian-American theme dorm, until Monday night, when University staff finally caught onto her ruse.

Friends aren't sure of her motive for sneaking onto campus and living a lie, but many speculate that she felt pressure from overbearing parents to attend Stanford — regardless of whether she was admitted. During the fall and winter terms, Kim allegedly slept in their room or the lounge of the dorm."

Kim would reportedly either sleep in the room of the students she met at orientation or in the dorm lounge. She lived like this, completely undetected, for nearly eight months.

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