Yorba Linda: So Dense!

We're getting close to that June 6th election day, guys. I trust you've all calculated the shortest possible route to your nearest polling station? I slay myself. Aside from gubernatorial primaries and local elections, we've also got a coupla educatorial-type propositions: 81, which would let the state borrow money for library support; and 82, the so-called Reiner Initiative, which would provide voluntary half-day preschool to all children in California. It only costs the rich 1.7 percent of their income, and only if they make $400,000/year for an individual, $800,000 for a couple. Comparison: 1.7% of a $30,000 income comes to a whopping $510. If the rich don't feel like ponying up a bit of spare cash to support California's kids and improve our state, perhaps the less rich might use a comparable amount of cash on handgun supressors, then kill and eat the rich (or feed them to their children. Always look to the children).

Then there's the county-wide Measure A, designed to prevent eminent-domain seizures of private property in order that it be handed over to other private concerns - in other words, no more taking mom/pop stores for mall conversions. Wait - you mean stealing, dealing in stolen property, and receiving stolen property weren't crimes already? Hot damn, what else could I be getting away with? Best of all is Yorba Linda's Measure B. The Yorba Linda Residents for Responsible Redevelopment want to force the city to require voter input on zoning decisions in the downtown area. A splinter group of radicals has even announced plans to circulate a petition demanding a recall of Councilmembers Ken Ryan, Allen Castellano, Keri Lynn Wilson and Jim Winder. The Weekly has already documented Councilmember (emphasis on member) Ken Ryan and his close friendship/working relationship with developers.

Ryan's ilk claim to be "environmental planners", but they just plan how to develop the environment. All environments. Urban environments even! Liberals are so close-minded in the way they limit their use of 'environment' to the context of environmentalism:

en·vi·ron·men·tal·ism Audio pronunciation of ( P ) Pronunciation Key (n-vrn-mntl-zm, -vrn-) n.

  1. Advocacy for or work toward protecting the natural environment from destruction or pollution.
  2. The theory that environment rather than heredity is the primary influence on intellectual growth and cultural development.

At first that second definition seemed totally irrelevant, but now I'm not so sure...

Note: Thanks to Ed Rakochy of Yorba Linda Residents for Responsible Redevelopment for correcting an earlier misconception of Measure B, describing it as an issue on population density


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