Yo, I'm Disabled

Bob Aul

You angrily swerved around us in your red Lexus and parked right in front of a business next to the Gold's Gym on 17th Street in Santa Ana. You seemed to be in a terrible hurry! Then you emerged in all your glory, your powerful speakers thumping, and you grabbed your gym bag from the trunk. You sported a T-shirt reading, "AST," which would be perfect for you if you just changed that last letter. With a swagger on par with any Jersey Shore celebrity, you strode proudly into the gym, your attitude announcing, "HEY, LADIES! I'M HERE!" Now, I'm sure you are way cooler and more important than the average guy, but guess what's not cool? Parking in front of that business next door using a disabled-person placard. Unless your small testicles and large neck constitute a disability, you might consider taking a few extra steps. Think of it as part of your workout.

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