Ari Suss wins again!
Ari Suss wins again!
Photo by John Gilhooley/OC Weekly

XR Brands' Fetish Company of the Year Award Extends XR LLC's Extreme Winning Streak

The Weekly included Ari Suss in our People Issue 2015 in part because the CEO of Huntington Beach's XR LLC had just been inducted into the Pleasure Products Branch of the Adult Video News (AVN) Hall of Fame. Now one of his companies, XR Brands, just received the Fetish Company of the Year award at the Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo (ANME) Founders Show.

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To be honest, when you walk into the surprisingly tame XR LLC lobby, you notice all kinds of awards it and its assorted companies have received over the years. It's not until you wander deeper into the 40,000-square-foot facility that you are hit in the face with assorted kink (tastefully, but of course).

XR LLC, which operates Extreme Restraints, the world's largest retailer of fetish and bondage toys, and Sex Toy Distributing, a wholesale division, saw the ANME honor go to its XR Brands, a renowned maker of niche adult toys comprised of 15 brands and 2,000 products.

"We are so honored to have won the Fetish Company of the Year Award; it's been an incredibly rewarding year filled with exciting new products, innovative technology, new hires and, most importantly, hard work," said XR Brands Director of Sales Rebecca Weinberg. "It's a pleasure to know that the industry has taken notice, and we'd like to thank everyone who voted for XR Brands. We look forward to another successful year."

The award recognizes the manufacturer for its dedication to creating quality products catering to various fetish product categories and making it easy for retailers to expand and enhance their reach into this ... wait for it ... growing market.

Among XR Brands is the top-selling Master Series line of fetish essentials, including new styles of advanced prostate massagers and stimulators. They like to say around XR that the Master Series has become "a full one-stop shop for BDSM, sensation play, chastity devices and more."

The company has also received notice for transforming the sex machine category with new automatic stimulators, thrusters and strokers made for mass mainstream appeal. One such buying destination is the LoveBotz brand of devices--from portable hands-free automatic strokers to fully adjustable sex machines--at various price points that make them accessible to a broader consumer base. The Zeus Electrosex line of electro-stimulation devices has become even more accessible with easy-to-use beginner kits; soft, feminine packaging; revamped power boxes; and new styles that appeal to consumers' growing curiosity and comfort levels.

Extreme joy over another national consumer award is the only thing unrestrained over at Extreme Restraints. XR Brands, may we honor you with a 21-dildo salute!

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