WWE's Monday Night Raw Too Raw for Kobe Bryant

Hey, brotherrrrr, the WWE has apologized to Newport Coast NBA superstar and Olympian Kobe Bryant.

For a joke.

Nope, the punchline is not that pro wrestling, Vanessa Bryant's nails and Andrew Bynum's dedication to the Lakers are fake.

During the live Monday Night Raw broadcast, "manager" Abraham Washington, who was wearing a hot mic, joked that a "wrestler" was "like Kobe Bryant at a hotel in Colorado. . . . He's unstoppable."

Black Mamba, of course, had to max out his charge cards to buy his wife a diamond ring after being accused of sexual assault in an Eagle, Colorado, hotel room in 2003. The athlete claimed the tryst was consensual, his accuser settled with him and a criminal case was dropped.

The WWE apologized to Bryant for Washington's "inappropriate comment," claiming "appropriate action in the matter" was taken. Would an errant elbow to the ear from Metta World Peace suffice?

Washington, who said he "got caught up in the moment," also apologized to Bryant, rape victims and their families.

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