WTF!?! Pastor Wiley Drake Opens Dialogue With Muslims


In stark contrast to Muslims hating Jews--and vice versa--at UC Irvine comes a revelation from Buena Park that must be accompanied by visions of flying pigs, a frozen-over Hell and galloping steeds of the Apocalypse.

First Southern Baptist Church Pastor Wiley Drake is hosting an appearance by Imam Muhammad Siddeeq, the [former assistant to late Honorable leader Imam W.
D. Mohammed (1975-2008), who was the]
son of Nation of Islam founder the Hon. Elijah Mohammad. [Prior to accepting Universal Islam, Siddeeq worked as an] assistant to Minister Louis Farrakhan, [from 1967-1975].  and the founder of the Islamic Society of North America.

If you've picked yourself off the floor in hopes of reading more, Drake and Siddeeq are participating in a "Christian/Muslim Dialogue."

Yes, yes, this is the same Rev. Wiley Drake of controversial homeless shelter, demonizing Jesse Jackson and litigating Barack Obama (for being unconstitutionally unqualified to be president of the United States) fame.
At the event that begins at 6 p.m. Sunday, May 24, and is open to the public, "Reverend Wiley Drake of FSBC, will share the podium with prominent Christian and Muslim leaders," reports the Christian News Wire, which identifies those leaders as Siddeeq  and the Rev. Howie Gardner, pastor of Bel Air Assembly of God Church in Maryland and the author of The Church & Terri Schiavo and Oral Exam about pastor Oral Roberts.

Discussion points will apparently be pulled from Gardner's 2006 letter to the Muslim leadership, which requested on behalf of Christian leaders that unnamed Islamic leaders provide "a formal and public reply" to such questions as:

-Are we in fact at war with one another?

-Were not the 9/11 terrorist attacks on our country worthy of being condemned by the Islamic leadership as blasphemy?

-Does the Islamic leadership advocate teaching hatred to children?

-Have Palestinians committed blasphemy by desecrating a book that Muhammad endorsed?

-Does it not seem likely that the Devil himself has used confusion among both groups to promote violence when we should instead be working together in harmony?

It may seem a bit loaded against the Imam, but Gardner's Christian/Muslim Dialogue site claims Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah also responded to the call for dialogue, which some probably could have seen coming long before Pastor Wiley's participation.


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