Won't Get Phoned Again

Probably the stupidest blog the Orange County Register ever published was one that's not even listed on their graveyard of retired blogs: one that dealt with the new 657 area code overlay. I saw it once or twice last year, and it went like the paper's page count.

But maybe the Reg was onto something--can't tell you how many people in the 714 area code (OG OC, baby!) have complained about dialing 1 even if you're dialing another 714 number. This reminded me of the Simpsons episode where Springfield had to deal with the same issue, and eventually split into two cities, with Homer leading one of them into ruin. Somehow, the Who play a concert to unite the two municipalities again, leading them to perform "Won't Get Fooled Again," since the only songs the Who ever recorded according to Hollywood is that one and "Baba O'Reilly."

I can't seem to find any clip from this episode online, so here's the song with some anime:


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