Protestors late last year in front of the Old Orange County Courthouse
Protestors late last year in front of the Old Orange County Courthouse
Mary Carreon

Women's March On Washington OC is for Pussies of Every Stripe and Color

Sister marches to the Women's March on Washington in D.C. on Saturday, January 21, are taking place around the world, from Erbil, Iraq to Nairobi, Kenya, and 14 in California alone. OC's own family-friendly SanTana march starts out at Fourth and French streets at 9 a.m., with the endpoint the Old Orange County Courthouse. While the route is subject to change, the organizer's code of conduct isn't: "We will use no violence (physical, written, or verbal) towards any person. We will not destroy or damage property. We will promote a tone of respect, honesty, transparency, and accountability in our actions. We will not carry anything that can be construed as a weapon, nor possess (or consume) any alcohol or drugs." So that means no destruction of piñatas or burning of effigies. Rather, a global uniting is going down around the issue of human rights.

The positive stance is right out of the Italian women's playbook for their ultimately successful actions to bring down Silvio Berlusconi from power. He's a lot like our guy—once said Angela Merkel was "unfuckable" and, you know, got away with it—only instead of Putin, Berlusconi was buddy-buddy with Gaddafi. The Italian pendejo was in power for almost 20 years, and according to Ariel Levy of The New Yorker , the first rally that turned the tide on his grip on Italy's throat was organized by women, via If Not Now, When, an activist group led by Francesca and Cristina Comencini, artists, activists and mothers.

"The sisters have a suggestion for their American counterparts as they prepare for the Million Women’s March on Washington, the day after Trump’s inauguration. 'Do not make something against him, but communicate the idea that women are the nation,'" Cristina said. 'This is strength—it’s there, it’s something that he has to face.'”

SanTana on the marchEXPAND
SanTana on the march
Eric Hood / OC Weekly

"Women's rights are human rights," once said the presidential candidate who received 2.8 million more votes than the wiener, err, winner. Shockingly, Drumpf being Drumpf wasn't enough for his opponent to win. But unifying around human rights with a demeanor and message that's for, that's pro, has the OC organizers fired up. Representing advocates for freedoms and rights in the realms of religion, labor, climate change, science, women's health, immigration status, color, LGBTQ, etc.—the list is long, inclusive, and getting longer—Women's March on Washington OC is asking people to get no-cost tickets via Event Brite to get a head count and help with planning. But if you choose to just show up on the day, go right ahead; if you want to volunteer or sign up with your organization, it's not too late. Get on it.

One organization-that-could (Si se puede!) called SEEDS of OC (which includes our own Calendar Queen, Aimee Murillo), which came together immediately after the election, is not only partnering with the march organizers, but they've added an event of their own following the march. At the Frida Theater, starting at 2 p.m., with info and action plans, art, a zine-making workshop at 4, live music at 6, and, you know, DESMADRE. All proceeds go to local nonprofits.

In President Obama's farewell address, he urged action: not just at election time or when the single issue that's of utmost importance to you is at risk. If all the single-issue fighters unite en masse, as is the intention on the day after the Inauguration, the total freaks in power will be diminished.

So put on your pussy hats Jan. 21 and show up! Pink hats with pussy ears from Hugs and Shoves' Etsy shop will hopefully be back in stock by the time you read this, with a beanie style for our climate and warmer ones with earflaps for you badasses heading to D.C. Proceeds from the sales of these pussy hats go to Planned Parenthood, so consider getting yours even if it won't arrive in time. "Pussy Grabs Back" wasn't enough to win the electoral college, but the fight isn't going to end ... ever.


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