James Cameron got on the wrong flight.
James Cameron got on the wrong flight.

Wine, Handcuffs, Duct Tape and an Airplane Ride...

As hot as it sounds, James Allen Cameron didn't get any love the night he was handcuffed and duct-taped by a crew of flight attendants on his way to Hong Kong. Instead, Cameron, a 50-year-old from Anaheim, was convicted in federal court today of one felony count for "interference with a flight crew" during his drunken flight a little over a year ago. It's a charge that carries--get this--a maximum sentence of 20 years in federal prison.

According to the FBI, here's how the sordid tale unfolded: An inebriated Cameron apparently boarded the airplane without stumbling to his seat or raising any suspicion. But as the flight progressed, he experienced some kind of heightened air intoxication and became unruly.

Itching to get out of his seat to maybe flirt with the cute flight attendants, Cameron became irate when an off-duty pilot sitting next to him told him to stay seated. He waited a few moments before punching the pilot in the neck, which set off a chain of events that would have made a great porn storyline.

The pilot, flight attendants and another passenger grabbed him, held him down, and threw on a pair of nylon flex cuffs. An obstinate Cameron wiggled his way loose enough to reach up and punch a flight attendant in the chin, which then gave the group the bright idea to duct-tape his legs and arms to his chest (oh, to be a fly on that wall).

Cameron, who may have had a former life as a magician, again busted loose, prompting the crew to reach for, um, seat belt extensions? But those didn't work either, since as soon as they bound Cameron with the flimsy straps he began to bite and chew his way through them. Not knowing what else to do, the crew was forced to handcuff him with real metal cuffs. It's a long flight to Hong Kong. We're assuming Cameron eventually got tired, and passed out.

Too bad there's no such thing as a "Flying Under the Influence" ticket. Surely it would have saved Cameron and his stupidity from a potential 20-year federal jail sentence.


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