Will Walters Wescue the 241 Toll Woad?

Assemblywoman Mimi Walters (R-73, 241, 261, 133) had a little get-together this morning with the Transportation Corridor Agencies, the Marines, and Oceanside Chamber of Commerce. Only a select group of normal Chamber meeting attendees received invitations for the so-called "workshop".

The invitations were sent out by Keena Communications, to whom Mimi Walters for Assembly 2006 has already paid over $30,000 for campaign consultancy this year.

Mimi W. was there for one purpose: to recruit the Oceanside Chamber to her Coalition of the Willing (to profit off the Foothill/South (241) toll road extension).

This coalition plans to file an "intervention lawsuit" next week, aimed at supporting the toll road and finally getting it off crack for good this time. Somehow Mimi has mystically crafted legal protections for Chambers and others wishing to join the lawsuit, preventing them from any financial risk that might occur. The risk which springs to mind is being forced to pay the other side's legal bills in case of a frivolous litigation finding.

Walters will also be soliciting legislators in the next week to sign a petition in support for the toll road, just as its opponents have done. Hey, legislators! If you ever wanted Mimi Walters to buy you a drink, now's your chance.

Walters carefully explained her mission's prime directive: to keep this matter off the Governor's desk. Apparently his staff in the "horseshoe" want this toll road, and don't want to put Arnie in the difficult position being asked to Terminate the project in an election year. So sayeth Mimi. Funny, that's not the impression we got from Secretary of Business, Housing and Transportation Sunne Wright McPeak and State Resources Secretary Mike Chrisman. They play horseshoes too, don't they?

Also, if Mimi sends her counter-petition to the governor's desk, won't she be violating her own prime directive, and thus be forced to deactivate her CPU?

What about opposition to the toll road? Don't worry, says Mimi, it's not all true. It's nice to know that both sides agree on one thing: the other side is lying. All I know is that I'm not lying, and I've been able to write 12 blog entries and 13 stories printed in the Weekly, all about how the project is a poorly planned, badly executed, under-funded over-hyped disaster for the natural and human environment of both Orange and San Diego counties. And I haven't received a single report of a factual error. Come on people, get off your asses and find fault in my writing; how else am I supposed to improve?

And just in case any Swift Boat Veterans are looking for shit to do, Mimi W. noted that the lawsuit is a cause of action for the business community, allowing them to advocate positions the TCA can't. I don't understand that last point; after all, the TCA's been advocating fallacious positions for years, so why stop now?

(creepy note – this makes 13 blogs on the toll road and 13 stories. If only I had published it at 13:00 hours...)


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