Will Todd Spitzer Fire Matt Cunningham as His OC Parks Commissioner?

Excuse us as we here at the Weekly revel in schaudenfreude and we-told-ustedes-so over paid hack and OC Weekly 2013 Scariest People honoree Matt Cunningham's evisceration on the national stage for his wussy blog post mocking people who have lost loved ones to shootings by cops. Matty deserves all the professional scorn on Earth, and more so.

And might that involve losing his longtime post as an OC Parks commissioner? That's the tantalizing possibility before us in the wake of this scandal gracias to Todd Spitzer's political future.

The background: Cunningham has served as the parks commissioner for the Third Supervisorial District since 2006, originally an appointment of former supervisor Bill Campbell, as much of a pedo-protector apologist as Matty. Spitzer (also a 2013 Scariest inductee) allowed Matty to stay because the both of them are longtime friends--years ago, I remember seeing Spitzer in shorts at Matty's annual St. Patrick's Day taco party at his Orange home (yes, I was invited once; don't ask).

But now comes 2014, and the looming OC District Attorney's race. Spitzer has long rumbled about wanting to take on incumbent Tony Rackauckas or whomever he picks as his successor. Problem is, the GOP political establishment will stand behind Tony, meaning Todd's only hope is with the unions.

Enter Orange County Employees Association head Nick Beradino. Yesterday, he fired off this couplet to Todd:

Supervisor Spitzer, Mr. Cunningham is your political appointee to the Parks Commission. His recent actions wherein he makes fun of the religious and cultural traditions of the Hispanic Community is intolerable. As you know many County employees are members of the Hispanic community and have been deeply offended by Mr. Cunningham's actions.

County employees have been subjected to horrendous acts by political insiders (sexual assault, discrimination etc.). For Mr. Cunningham to remain on the Parks Commission as your appointee will only serve to demonstrate the County's acceptance of this type of behavior.

The facts are very clear that Mr. Cunningham is a political insider and is strongly supported by influential political power brokers. However even with his strong political influence his behavior reflects on you and the entire County family. We therefore request that you terminate Mr. Cunningham's appointment immediately and replace him with somebody who more appropriately reflects the values of the citizens we all serve....hopefully you also share the values of the community in this matter.

Thank you for your consideration. I will follow-up with you in a few days regarding this issue.


People are pissed, PISSED about Matty's actions, much more so than I thought they would ever be (quick aside: If only they were pissed as much about when Matty outed sex-abuse victims...). Todd should definitely publicly call out his wuss of a commissioner and try to distance himself as much as possible from the wuss.

But would it be best for Matty to lose his post? After all, his Form 700 he must file every year is the only way the public can really know who's paying him to bark like a dog. Boot him fro the spot, and Matty's masters can be even shadier in how they pay him than ever before. Be careful what you wish for, Nick...

Anyhoo, let's get back to the schaudenfreude. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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