Will One Broadway Plaza, Santa Ana Freudian Project for City Council, Finally Get Built?

Wow, I gotta hop on the wayback machine to remember what was the first time I wrote about One Broadway Plaza, the proposed 37-story office tower in a residential SanTana neighborhood that would be the tallest building in Orange County history AND the biggest Freudian monument yet erected for the SanTana's City Council's deluded, Norma Desmond-esque vision of itself. 2003? 2004? I forget, so convoluted this sordid episode is.

Anyhoo, you'll remember that everyone assumed developer Mike Harrah had to fill up the building at least 50 percent before beginning construction, because that's what the City Council asked him to do. That went out the window as soon as Harrah cried that he couldn't make on his word, crying to his puppets, Mayor-for-Life Don Papi Pulido and councilwoman/political pendeja Claudia Alvarez to change the rules. Harrah would've started construction if not for a lawsuit by good residents that halted construction until Harrah reached his impossible-to-reach 50-percent threshold.

Well, the bad guys won yesterday.

As reported by the Voice of OC

, the Fourth District Court of Appeals reversed a previous decision by an Orange County Superior Court judge that made Harrah stick to what he signed. The activists might appeal, but it doesn't look good for those of us who know how dirty politics work in the Banana Republic. Hey, maybe I should start reporting on the city again instead of concentrating on Klukkers so much...


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