Wiley Drake, saint coach
Wiley Drake, saint coach
Gustavo Arellano

Wiley Drake Prays for 219 Congress Members to Die

Buena Park radio pastor Wiley Drake grabbed headlines last year for calling on his supporters to pray for Barack Obama to die. 

Now he has extended that Christianly action to the 219 members of the

House of Representatives

who voted for the

health-care reform bill

, which does Satanic things like help poor people get medical care.

The Daily Beast reports that Drake this morning sent out an e-mail calling for an "imprecatory prayer" against the 219 Democrats who made history on Sunday.

"We'll remember in November and pray Psalms 109 while waiting," he urged, before listing each offending congressman by name in "Satan's domain in Washington D.C."

Psalms 109:8 reads: "May his days be few; may another take his place of leadership" followed by "May his children be fatherless and his wife a widow."

He also wrote, "It is time for the saints to step up and get back in the war, between good and evil. See what God says the saints are to do in this battle." Yes, Rev. Drake is telling saints to "step up."

We assume that a loophole written into the health-care bill as part of Evil Obama's Chicago-Style Backroom Deals (TM) prevents members of the U.S. Senate from being targeted by imprecatory prayers.


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