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Wiley Drake Gets the Keith Olbermann Stamp of Disapproval

Pastor Wiley Drake of First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park has been previously recognized for interfaith gestures, helping the less fortunate and sheltering the homeless on church property despite threats from lawsuits, neighboring residents and city code enforcement.

He's also lashed out against gays, Disneyland, gays, the Clintons, gays, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, gays and, of course, homeless gays wearing mouse ears, Hillary campaign buttons and Rainbow Coalition neckties. Among his most outrageous acts in recent memory was going on the radio to say he was praying for President Obama's death.

As shown above, that has now earned wily Pastor Wiley recognition from a new source: MSNBC's Keith  Olbermann, who just named Drake the "Worst Person in the World." Not only has Drake prayed to God to take Obama, Olbermann notes, but Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and fellow pastor Rick Warren as well.

That earned Drake the gold medal (or worst) from Keither Peepers, who doled out the silver (worser) to Free Republic website founder Jim Thompson (for allowing racist, and moderated, comments about President Obama's daughter to linger on the website for three days) and the bronze (worse) to fading conservative star Rush Limbaugh (for saying Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor's "wise Latina" comment was more racist than former GOP Sen. George Allen's "macaca" remark).

Clockwork has reached out to our good reverend for comment on the Olbermann, erm. "honor," which we'll dutifully post should he do so. In the meantime, ol' Keithy should expect his own death prayer coming from a certain Christian pastor any day now.


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