Ryan Sheckler, with a new car that this lady would probably like to get her hands on.
Ryan Sheckler, with a new car that this lady would probably like to get her hands on.

Wife of Ryan Sheckler Embezzler Wants $15,000 from Huntington Beach

Say your spouse was convicted of embezzling money from a 19-year-old X-games wunderkind. Would you try to lay low? Or would you to try to sue the city where your spouse was convicted in hopes of getting money for iPod speakers and a car?

Janelle Mercuro is choosing option B.

The Orange County Register is reporting that the wife of Matthew Mercuro, the San Clemente man convicted of embezzling from pro-skater Ryan Sheckler, is suing the city of Huntington Beach to pay for a new car, legal fees and an iPod speaker--all of which she lost because of the investigation into her husband. The tab comes out to $15,890.

Writes the Register's Annie Burris and Jon Cassidy:

Janelle Mercuro said her car was towed from private property in San Juan Capistrano to Huntington Beach in November and later sold, stripped, and abandoned. She did not learn that the car had been towed for 11 days.

She is asking for $7,140 for a new car, registration, costs of being without a car, and legal fees.

Mercuro is also asking for $8,400 in legal fees she accrued while trying to get back personal property including a computer taken during the police investigation.

She said she still has not received her iPod docking station speakers and is asking that the department reimburse her $500 or buy her new speakers. She alleges that the speakers were taken with a search warrant and given to Sheckler's father, Randy.

On Jan. 11, Mercuro's husband was convicted of two felony counts of grand theft shortly after being accused of embezzling $365,000. He served 18 days in jail and owes the $150,000 he said he took from companies owned by Sheckler while he served as their CFO. You'd think that after putting his wife through this whole thing, he could at least spring to buy her some iPod accessories.


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