Wienerschnitzel Burglar Hot Dogs for Camera

Often times when a police agency shares with the public a photograph of a criminal suspect taken from a surveillance camera, the image is grainy, out of focus or it catches the subject at a weird angle.

However, the one the Anaheim Police Department sent today from a Wienerschnitzel burglary last Tuesday is so perfect it could work as the suspect's class photo.

The crime: Around 2:15 a.m. on Nov. 22, two burglars entered the Wienerschnitzel in the 2800 block of West La Palma Avenue through the drive-thru window. Once inside, they covered
the surveillance cameras with napkins from inside the business. They went on to remove the ATM machine using a pallet jack.

But, sometime during the operation, a napkin fell from one of the surveillance cameras. As the suspect replaced the napkin, the camera caught this image of him:

This chap may be done in by a falling napkin.
This chap may be done in by a falling napkin.
Courtesy of Anaheim Police Department

He is further described as African American, 5-foot-7, medium build, black hair, black mustache, all black clothing, gloves, and a "Dickies" baseball cap.

His partner is described as an African American male, 5-foot-7, medium build, all black clothing, and gloves.

At this time, no video footage is available, but anyone who knows anything about the burglary or the dude in the photo is asked to call Detective Chris Cooper at 714.765.1185.


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