Why Politics, Sports, and Elephants Shouldn't Mix

There's a reason why most sports-minded people don't talk about political issues, and that's because they're idiots at most everything else (the brilliant Dave Zirin excepted). A great example occurred this morning on ESPN2's ESPN First Take, after they showed footage of bubble-maker extraordinaire Fan Yang trying to put a bubble around an elephant, the same stunt he tried to pull at SanTana's Discovery Science Center before activists shamed the place into canceling the event. I wish I took notes of the exchange between First Take anchors Jay Crawford and Dana Jacobson, but it broke down something like this: Jacobson argued that the stunt actually brought positive attention to the plight of pachyderms, while Crawford mumbled that people look too much into things sometimes. Don't worry too much about losing any context in my interpretation, because the words of Crawford and Jacobson were as convoluted as my paraphrase!


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