Why is the OC Hispanic Bar Association Kissing Disney's Ass?

If you look at the logo of the Orange County Hispanic Bar Association (OCHBA) to the left, you'll notice a take on the United Farm Workers' stylized Aztec eagle--a connection to its roots from the Chicano Movement, a reminder that la lucha continues in the present day, and a harbinger of the future Aztlán to come...kidding on the last part. Maybe...

In other words, the OCHBA considers itself down with la raza. So what genius decided that the organization hold their 40th anniversary dinner next month at the Disney Grand Californian Hotel, the same place where folks are currently fasting to draw attention to the two-year-long labor struggle of Disney hotel workers, nearly all of whom are Mexis? Even funnier, what bola de pendejos decided to that the OCHBA's Corporate Citizen Award this year should go to--tambora roll, please--Disney?

Such an insult to working-class Latinos by the group actually isn't a surprise--last year, the OCHBA honored Catholic Diocese of Orange Bishop and notorious pedo-priest apologist Cirilo Flores. At the time, board members argued such a move was necessary because they needed the Church's help to rally illegals come amnesty time, an excuse as laughable as the time Krusty the Klown once said that his amusement park ride didn't behead a couple--they had entered with their heads already chopped off. What weak rationale does the OCHBA have this time? Stay tuned...


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