Wanke: A wanker
Wanke: A wanker

Why Is Placentia Councilmember Chad Wanke Facebook Friends with Neo-Nazis?

Digging through Facebook late at night always brings out hilarious surprises, especially when it's the individual pages of our local politicos, where we can see their personal stupidity in all its glory. Who can forget Congresswomen Loretta and Linda Sanchez dressed as a sexy angel and banana, respectively, for Halloween, or Orange councilmember Jon Dumitru's anti-Muslim, anti-spelling rant?

And so that's how I found out Placentia councilmember Chad Wanke, he of the coded anti-Mexican language in claiming budget frugality, is Facebook pals with neo-Nazis.

One of them is Travis Wanke, who among the many neo-Nazis tattoos on his body has this precious ink:

Why Is Placentia Councilmember Chad Wanke Facebook Friends with Neo-Nazis?
Screen shot from Travis Wanke's Facebook page

Wanke has an extensive criminal record, best of which was his 2007 arrest for allegedly assaulting an African-American man in Santa Clarita while shouting racial epithets. According to the Anti-Defamation League, Travis belonged to the Deadline Skins, whose members "'earn' a tattoo of a pair of combat boots with red laces on the left side of their torso after committing a violent act and spilling the blood of a non-white individual."

Fun! Chad's other friend is Carl Wanke:

Carl, at left, with two other upstanding citizens
Carl, at left, with two other upstanding citizens
Screen shot from Carl Wanke's Facebook page

Check out those swastikas peeking out from Carl's wife-beater! Carl was once arrested for burglary, but those charges were dismissed. His FB page is filled with shots with other neo-Nutzis.

Now, given that Chad, Travis, and Carl share the Wanke name, I'm betting Fuhrers to SS that they're probably cousins, which is the excuse Chad will use when justifying why he's friends with neo-Nazis--blood is thicker than water, you know? Can't avoid family? Bullshit! I got cousins who are, um, shady, and I sure as hell don't talk to them, let alone let the world know I'm on friendly terms with them on Facebook. Wanke can befriend anyone he damn well pleases--but his critics also have the right to spin it whatever way they want. And you know they will! So let's see you repudiate your pals, Chad: the comments section is yours!

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