Why is Dina Nguyen Ashamed of Her Birthplace?

Why is Dina Nguyen Ashamed of Her Birthplace?

Went to a celebration last Friday in honor of LULAC's 80th anniversary at the Garden Grove Community Room next to their City Council chamber, and I grabbed a flier with pictures and short bios of councilmembers along with phone numbers for the city's various representatives. It was hilariously outdated--Dubya was listed as president, and it didn't mention that Andrew Do joined the council last November--and I thought there was also missing data. All the councilmember bios revealed their city of birth with the exception of Dina Nguyen. Errors happen, so I was mystified the following day when I went on Garden Grove's website and found the same omission (it ain't racism on the part of city bureaucrats; Do lists "Vietnam" as his birthplace). I even found Nguyen's website for her hilarious, disastrous 2008 campaign against Janet Nguyen for the Board of Supervisors--nothing. All Nguyen reveals on both her city council and campaign website is that she "has spent her entire life in Orange County since arriving to California in 1977." From where, Dina? Jupiter? What's with the lack of disclosure like your Garbage Grove peers?

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