Illustration by Bob AulOn behalf of all Latinos, I apologize to all Anglos: sorry for discovering this county first and naming many of your streets and cities in Spanish. I regret that, because we settled primarily in North County, you had to develop South County in order to be away from us. I apologize for taking from you the menial, hazardous jobs that you once had African-Americans handle. My condolences for insisting on speaking Spanish, an august language spoken by more of the world's people than English. So sorry for creating food that is now pushed down your throats by transnational corporations. I apologize for causing many of you to expend so much energy in political campaigns for Propositions 187, 209 and 227. But most of all, I am sorry that, in laying down a history of pushing around other ethnic groups, you have established a model: one day, we will be the majority that dismisses you as a lazy minority. Sorry.

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