Whoa-oh, Drivin' on a Prayer

If you are an average, everyday Joe with a crappy job who drinks to relieve his sorrow and gets busted for DUI when only slightly over the punitive limit, I might feel sorry for you, provided no-one was hurt by your actions.

If you are a huge rock star who could easily afford not only a cab but your own personal driver, and you insist on driving intoxicated anyway -- with minors in the car, no less! -- you are doubly dumb and should be made an example of.

Yes, Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi, it's your life, it's now or never, but never say goodbye to sobriety behind the wheel, or your life won't be a bed of roses. You may think you're living life in a blaze of glory, but you'll find that jail is some bad medicine.

Perhaps bad medicine is what you need.


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