Who Wants to be a Bamboo for Janet Nguyen?

Political fundraisers sometimes have a theme, usually involving patriotism or some type of activity. Ethnic politicians usually do a riff off their, well, ethnicity. So it's not surprising that First District Supervisor Janet Nguyen is advertising a fundraiser in August as a "Taste of Asia" soiree, featuring "Asian World Fusion Cuisines," according to an invite obtained by the Weekly. The grammar in that promise is atrocious--is the food from the Asian world? Is the world fusion Asian? Are the fusion cuisines from the Asian world? Where's the European world?--but not as bad as how Janet is classifying the levels of sponsorship according to donation amount.

Cue the gongs and zithers, and find out after the jump!

What's the level for Tiger Lilly?
What's the level for Tiger Lilly?


And talk about sexist--why is the Empress subservient before the Emperor? Gotta stick with Asian female stereotypes for your troglodyte supporters, eh, Janet?


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