Who Let the Power Out?

So Balboa Peninsula is always dark in terms of morals and decency. But now it's just plain DARK. Yes, I stood outside Cassidy's tonight and watched the lights flicker, waver, return to strength ... then bow out completely.

After a few moments, SOME streetlights came on. And some of the neon signs in the bar. But after another hour or so, we had a second pulse, and BANG! Everything went dead Everything.

As I walked back to my house, I couldn't help but notice lots of red flares blocking my path. And I especially couldn't help but notice the firemen telling me to stop, to turn back.

"But I live here," I shouted.

"You can't go any further, you'll have to turn right," said one of the firepeople.

"That's where I live!"

"Okay then, just go home."

We'll ignore that I was planning on doing this anyway. According to these dudes, there was an explosion underground. According to So Cal Edison, they don't know what happened but there's an outage in Costa Mesa.

Balboa Peninsula is most certainly not Costa Mesa.

P.S. I had to walk to a Starbucks on Mariner's Mile to contribute this report

UPDATE: Everything seems back to normal at 1 pm on Friday, except the Albertson's on Finley is still dark. Might want to scamper over there later, I suspect they'll be having deals on frozen goods...


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