Who is David Duke's Favorite Orange Countian?

*Updated below . . .

Why, none other than our favorite non-racist white supremacist, of course! Martin Millard has made a name for himself in extremist circles thanks to rants against the "Tan Everyman," drawn local ire due to his influence over Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor, and even garnered attention from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Millard's been on a writing tear as of late thanks to the proposed amnesty bill currently in the Senate. He's not happy with it—indeed, he calls it "genocide" for gabachos. Today, this essay received a plug from none other than avowed white supremacist David Duke. The former Ku Klux Klan leader praised Millard as "one of the most brilliant writers and analysts in the European American civil-rights movement." Duke goes on to blame the Jews for this supposed genocide and recommends Millard's other works to his followers. Congrats, Millard, on the endorsement! And so, the question comes up again: Why, oh, why, Mayor Mansoor, did you ever associate with a slimy gabacho mass of glop?

(Hat tip to A Bubbling Cauldron, who's been fighting the good fight in Costa Mesa for a while now. . . . )

*UPDATE: Millard responds to us—we think. His latest post—in his classic rambling, incoherent style—criticizes "people who try to tell others what they think I think and what they think I write about." Then he cryptically refers to the Darwin Awards, annual prizes given to people who kill or sterilize themselves in goofy ways. "I have a feeling," Millard adds, "that we may have a future Darwin Award winner or two in Orange County." Okay, Millard: Rather than allow people like me to try to tell others what they think you think and what they think you write about, and considering the only people who can win a Darwin are those who die or suffer a horribly debilitating injury, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?


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