McClain: Once she went white, she knew it was . . . right?
McClain: Once she went white, she knew it was . . . right?

White Supremacist Jail Inmate: Black Orange County Sheriff's Deputy Gave Me An STD!

There was a point last year when it looked as if Barack Obama's post-racial world had a chance even here in Orange County, the onetime heart of the John Birch Society.

White supremacist, hoodlum Christopher Roger Brown thought that he'd found secret but true love with Jennifer Tamara McClain, a black sheriff's deputy.

While in custody for a hate-crime related robbery of a black man in Costa Mesa, Brown claims McClain repeatedly engaged in immensely satisfying sexual affairs with him.

But nowadays Brown, a skinhead who had a pro-Nazi "88" tattooed on his chin, is outraged and not because he presumably isn't getting more jailhouse nooky.

He thinks the deputy used his male equipment merely as a method to stupefy his normally keen senses as a route to gain law enforcement intelligence on gang activities inside OC Skins.

Worse, Brown claims that McClain left him with a frightening, permanent memory of their illicit trysts: an STD.

All of that is according to a handwritten, eight-page, late February lawsuit the inmate filed against McClain, who was never charged by the Orange County District Attorney's office for her alleged relationship with the inmate.

"Jennifer McClain used me in a deceitful relationship to gain intelligence on jail activities and for her own gratification," Brown alleges in his complaint. "She deliberately put my life in danger to further her own career and indulge her sexual proclivities. She also gave me an STD, which puts my health at risk."

Brown named Sheriff Sandra Hutchens in the complaint too.

"Sandra Hutchens has allowed deputies to engage in these activities without proper oversight and training," he wrote from the Theo Lacy Jail in Orange. "She has let deputies do as they see fit . . . I believe I am entitled to damages for receiving a sexually transmitted disease, and for emotional, mental and physical abuse from said deputy. I believe I am entitled due to the fact that supervisors know these kind of activities are employed to garner information and often encourage it. Also, because my life has been put in danger because of the OCSD."

Brown: Using me for sex was not fair!
Brown: Using me for sex was not fair!

In late March, U.S. District Court Judge George H. King refused to accept the lawsuit on two grounds: Brown did not include a statement from the jail about his pauper status to justify a waiver of filing fees and it's not clear what federal statute the inmate believes McClain and Hutchen allegedly violated.

The court is waiting to see if Brown re-files his complaint.

Go HERE to see my original, breaking news report on the McClain-Brown jailhouse affair.

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