Whining OC Shoplifter Gets Judical Sympathy?

"It appears your life is just one unfair trial . . ."

--Orange County Superior Court Judge Richard F. Toohey to an unhappy Karim Tambousie Kidd, a serial shoplifter and convicted felon. Kidd complained that his 2009 trial for his seventh known crime spree was unfair. The 30-year-old man specialized in entering department stores, grabbing a piece of luggage, loading it with items and brazenly walking out without paying. He was foiled because he hit the same store twice in 10 days and found himself handcuffed by security. The DA's office didn't believe his story: Store security framed him by stealing $600 in cash he says he carried. The cost of this shopping trip? Six years in a California prison. Last week, a court of appeal called Kidd's whining baseless.


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