Which Witch Miffed the Witch?

Milo Shiff: The witch on aisle five.
Milo Shiff: The witch on aisle five.
John Gilhooley / OC Weekly

This week's cover story is about a Newport Beach grocery store greeter who happens to be a witch--and who happened to take offense when his store set up a talking witch decoration for Halloween.

Curious as to what the offending fake witch actually said and what it actually looked like?

We think this is the model:

Milo Shiff, the subject of the story, confirmed this was the one when shown the video. But then again, for $149.99, you can buy a very similar witch--with what appears to be the same script-- here. Not saying you should, though. As the cover story details, Shiff claims this thing repeats the "blood libel"--and you don't want to go around blood libeling people, right?

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