Wherefore Late Democratic Gains?

Interesting; two hours ago (around 9:45) Dem John Garamendi was 2.5% behind Repub Tom McClintock for Lieutenant Governor. Now, at nigh-midnight, he's up by 1.5%. His gains have been incremental, but constant and steady.

Similarly, Dem Debra Bowen has creeped an eensy 0.2% above Bruce McPherson for Secretary of State.

Also, Schwarzenegger has gone down steadily from a 63% lead over Angelides to--um, well, a 57% lead.

Bill Lockyer and Jerry Brown, big Dems both, leapt ahead of their competition for Treasurer and Attorney General respectively, although both were behind in the initial tallies.

Strange - Democrat numbers have slowly crept up all night (at least statewide - here in OC it's still a sinkhole of conservative Republican terror-mongering ... sinkhole-ness). It's almost as if somehow the Republican votes were reported first. It seems as if somehow the Republicans have better technology, better equipment, and better connectivity.

But it also seems like the Democrats are making their presence known - if somewhat more slowly than Republicans.


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