Where America Shops

We'd like to tell you that we're wearing Aquascutum jackets over Boss pullovers and Etienne Ozeki pants. That we're walking around in square-toed Pradas. But we're not. We shop where most of America shops. Like you, we just have better taste.


This smart outfit will make the dreary factory life explode with vibrant sass! To protect this vixen's soft skin from the rugged assembly-line grind, she's fitted with Roebucks coveralls. The multiple pockets on this clever piece are perfect for stashing powder so she can avoid an embarrassing shiny nose. A Berkshire scarf shields her foxy hairdo from going flat when she makes adjustments on the steam line with her Craftsman 13/16 wrench. But don't be fooled by her practicality: tell this lassie she isn't cute, and she'll use that wrench on your nose! Model: actress Anel Rossouw.

Leaving Wal-Mart, here's a girl who is on the go! Ready for a night of Italian sodas and hip shaking with her shapely low-rise Jordache capris. A belt by No Boundaries hangs off her hips for horizontal-line control under the club lights. Her sweater by Simply Basic keeps her hot on the dance floor, while a nylon scarf by Simply Basic cools her jets when they're heading toward meltdown. When the action is over, she'll still be making the scene as she outglows the rainbow sherbet at the diner after hours. Go, go, go! Model: Danvy Le.

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The young professional faces considerable stress in the hustle and bustle of modern business. When the day ends, recreation is in order. But thanks to JC Penney, he never sacrifices chic for comfort. That's why he sports an Adidas logo tee atop a pair of Nike warm-up shorts —the perfect companion for a quick smoke between push-ups. A Cheers for Carole headband does more than soak up blinding sweat beads—it looks flash when he stops to cool off. For her, a Big Flirt tee says, "sassy" without saying, "frumpy." Complemented by form-fitted Total Girl knickers, this is a girl ready for laps around the park and another tall-boy can! Beer by Pabst Blue Ribbon. Models: hairstylist to the stars Dean Tompkins and student Jessica Lilly.

The long, warm days of summer demand energy, and a smart girl of action responds with glee. On the cover, Phelanie Angel models pink briefs by Bomuld—comfortably clasped to allow frictionless hip swivel for outta-this-world Hula-Hoop orbits. The elastic waistband harbors a neon squirt gun for secret-agent games until Get Smart comes on. A striped Hush Puppies shirt balances playful and seductive, with its fitted contours perfect for torpedoing down a playground slide. Here, as the sun's rays warm the playground, she cools off with printed bermuda shorts by Bugle Boy—perfect for a quick dip in the swimming pool. But one must ask: Where do you hide your shoe phone, secret agent? Model: exotic dancer Phelanie Angel,

The California casual girl enjoys the unfussy life. She maintains her playful personality with purchases from Target, including a knee-length denim skirt by Mossimo anchored by a soft suede belt by Xhilaration. Her carefree spirit is complemented by an icon of casual—Mickey Mouse, here on a powder-blue ringer

T-shirt by Disney Ink & Print. Vibrant pineapple socks by Xhilaration keep the sand out of her softly tanned toes while she searches for driftwood along the shores of beach exotica. As a matter of necessity, bug-eyed, neon-green lookers shade her sassy winkers from the warm California glow. Playful, charming and sassy! Model: Orange Coast College student Hillary Rae.

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