When Will OC Republicans Apologize to California for Pushing Arnold Schwarzenegger on Us?

Kudos to former OC GOP head Tom Fuentes for cracking jokes about his terminal cancer last night during the local Reeps' annual Flag Day dinner last night in Irvine. Of course, for him--who supported more pedophiles, corrupt politicians, and plain old scum than the entirety of Law and Order: SVU has ever featured--the deadly disease is liberal!

"Many of you have stood with me when we have battled cancers within our party, cancers from the left," he told his seals. "Tumors like Arnold Schwarzenegger," at which point, the audience laughed.

Oh, how quick those pendejos forget.

If you're to believe Fuentes that Arnie is a tumor, then the OC GOP just might be the only case in human history where a group of people willingly infected themselves with cancer just for shits. Let us not forget that it was Republicans who convinced Chapman University to give Schwarzenegger an honorary doctorate back in 2002 despite the actor having done nothing of any intellectual worth, allowing Schwarzenegger to schmooze with the big bucks of the school's board of trustees. Let's remember that Schwarzenegger found his most loyal donors here, pulled his most enthusiastic ground troops from the rank-and-file of the OC GOP, and that the recall of then-Gov. Gray Davis was mostly orchestrated by activists and funders from OC.

Fuentes, amazingly, stood on the right (as opposed to Right) side when it came to Schwarzenegger, famously disallowing his campaign from keeping 5,000 "Join Arnold" signs at county party headquarters and always distrusting him as too liberal. Richard Nixon would've been too liberal for Fuentes, but his fellow party didn't heed their in-house Cassandra--and we all know what happened next.

It would've been great to see Fuentes, the aging lion, admonish his party for the disaster that he warned would come, but he'll never be that truthful. Instead, the rest of wrecked California waits for an apology from the OC GOP for Schwarzenegger, an apology that'll come right after they apologize for Arnold's pal, Mike Carona...


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