When is A Schism not a Schism?

When wacky Robert Morey and his minions say so, of course!

You'll recall last month that Morey—the resume-stretching head of Faith Community Church in Irvine and self-proclaimed Islam expert—responded to a post of my revealing dissension at his church by stating he and his faithful "don’t see any schism or confusion in the church" despite evidence to the contrary. "These poor mentally unbalanced people, whose only meaning in life to tear down other people, will eventually burn themselves out with all their hatred and bitterness," he arrogantly commented.

Hatred and bitterness? That sure didn't seem to be the case last weekend, when more than 100 former FCC members held a picnic last Saturday somewhere in Orange County. Theocentric Living and The Saint Augustinian have more on the picnic, and their general optimism and hilarious cracks at Morey show who's the better Christian in this battle.

Meanwhile, there's been more tinkering over at the Morey-sponsored BiblicalThought blog in addition to what we previously reported. The huge picture of Morey and smaller-by-half shots of his minions are no longer there, and moderators don't tolerate any more Morey criticism. But do they slur Catholicism as the "mother of harlots"? But of course!


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