When did Joe Louis Visit Orange County?

Faithful reader Shirley Enomoto, an Orange County native who now lives in Northern California, sent along the above picture of boxing legend Joe Louis with her father Carl. Carl was probably the first Asian-American reporter for the Orange County Register (then known simply as The Register), but how would we know given no one has ever written a thorough history of la naranja's most influential paper and most of the old-timers left long ago? Carl's a topic for a local history buff if ever there was one, but the focus of today is on the Brown Bomber.

Enomoto isn't too sure when this picture was taken--she knows it was in SanTana, and she figures it was sometimes in the 1960s due to the funky fashion style. Other than that, no clue. So, gentle readers: any one of you around when Louis visited the county? If so, what was the ocassion? Leave comments below!


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