When Benicio del Toro Got Mad at Gustavo
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When Benicio del Toro Got Mad at Gustavo

I originally wasn't going to post about this because it has no relevance to Orange County, but my jefe insists: I had a run-in with actor Benicio del Toro at last week's American Film Institute tribute to Michael Douglas. The context of why I was on the red carpet in the first place is found at the excellent gossip blog Crazy Days and Nights, but below is the part about Benicio:

The guy reeked of arrogance from a mile away, grinning behind sunglasses. The only thing I know about del Toro is that he's Puerto Rican, so I asked him what did he think about the nomination of fellow boricua Sonia Sotomayor to a seat on the Supreme Court. "Excellent, excellent," he snickered while turning around to speak with another reporter. Note to people: never ignore an investigative reporter, as they won't stop until they either get an answer or fight trying.

I decided to go even more political. "Puerto Rico: independence, commonwealth, or state?" I asked. He stopped. "What's your plan?" he shot back.

"I asked you--answer the question," I responded, peppering in some Puerto Rican slang to soften him up. It didn't work.

"What's your plan?" he yelled again. A handler was trying to guide him to safer terrain, but he tried to get closer.

"You're Puerto Rican; I'm Mexican." I said.

"Gimme a plan! Gimme a plan!" he started rambling before finally walking away.

COWARD. For someone who's expressed undying love for the commie Che Guevara, for del Toro to not take a stance on his homeland's limbo nature is weak.

Reposts at LA Observed and Reason Magazine. Result: all weekend, whether at home, in my in-box, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, or at the LA Press Club awards, people went up to me and yelled, "WHAT'S YOUR PLAN? WHAT'S YOUR PLAN?"


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