What's Red and Blue and Drops Balloons All Over?

PhotobucketSniff. Sniff. Ecch. You smell something? What the... OK, who let all those elephants and donkeys in here?

Yes, a fun temporary feature tracking the movements of America's favorite symbolic political herbivores now lurks in the lower-right-hand area of our home page: Two blogs from our Village Voice Media sister papers dedicated to covering the Democratic and Republican national conventions. Check out Westword's "Demver" (in blue, duh) and City Pages' "Elephants in the Room" (in red, double duh, my friends) for that mix of hard-nosed reporting, general zaniness, and Dean Singleton hate that can only come from the papers we like to call "OC Weekly on the Platte" and "OC Weekly on the Extreme Northern End of the Mississippi."

(Just don't tell them we call them that. It'll be our little secret.)


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