What's Black and White and Weighs 16,500 lbs.?

What's Black and White and Weighs 16,500 lbs.?

The photo above shows:

1) Gigantor's bowling pin.
2) New York City roach motel.
3) Snoop Dogg's ash tray.
4) None of the above.

The answer is none of the above. Made of ceramic porcelain, weighing 16,500 lbs. and standing more than 16 feet tall, the black and white piece created by world-renowned Denmark artist Peter Brandes may be the world's largest and heaviest urn. Confirmation is awaited from the Guiness Book of World Records.

Richard Cohen Landscape of Lake Forest installed the water feature at the Orange County Rescue Mission's Village of Hope. It's now the centerpiece of the Tustin transitional homeless facility, meant to symbolize peace and tranquility. The Orange County chapter of the California Landscape Contractors Association awarded it a first place award for a water feature at its Beautification Awards program. The state CLCA convention singled the same piece out for its Special Effects Trophy Award.

The urn depicts the original 12 disciples from the Bible through symbols engraved on the circumference. Bone-colored engraved symbols protrude from the urn and portray the "story" of each disciple from the bible. Scriptures are also engraved into the piece. The urn appears to be floating on top of water, just like Jesus walking across the wet stuff.

Funding for the display came from the Howard and Roberta Ahmanson family fund.


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