What You Missed: Shwayze, Sutra's Freedom Party and Newport Dunes

We know, we know--there's nothing more damn depressing than the end of a long holiday weekend. And it was a pretty perfect one at that: Sunshine, 80-something-degree weather, a cloudless sky. And now we're back to sunshine and 80-something-degree weather... but from behind your computer screen and your windowless cubicle. So. Sad. 

But one thing we learned this weekend: Costa Mesa on the Fourth? A total aural war-zone. But a pretty fun one at that. The upper crust (and Molly the dog, pictured) enjoyed their Independence Day waterside at the Newport Dunes 4th of July Celebration, where hundreds took part in family friendly water activities (giant novelty whale? Check. Blow-up glacier? Check), hula hoop contests, fooooooood, carnival rides and, yes, of course: a gigantic fireworks display orchestrated by Pyro Spectacular. For more photos from Newport Dunes on July 4th, check out the always wonderful Keith May's slideshow of the event here

So while families enjoyed a relatively G-rated celebration in Newport (see: May's slightly eyebrow-raisin' limbo contest photos), go-go gals and the intoxicated enjoyed Sutra Lounge's Freedom Party on Friday night. 

See? Photographer Chris Victorio checked out the aptly titled

Freedom Party at Sutra

this weekend with

DJ Bandoma, Dizzy and Coley Cole

. Along with said go-gos (with fuzzy boots!), the night was hosted by

Amanda Latona and Bonne Jill Lafin

. The night was packed. Drinks were flowing. Dancefloor filled. What better way to celebrate America? Right? Check out more (interesting) photos from Friday night's party right




And finally: MTV darlin' Shwayze visited the now-totally-open Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana along with a slew of opening acts: Igly & Hartly, Sinizen, the Knux and Irieside. You probably recognize Shwayze (real name: Aaron Smith--not quite as fun to say as Shwaaaayze, huh?) from his MTV reality show of the same name. His sidekick (left) is Cisco Adler--who you might know as the frontman of Whitestarr, but more than likely you know him from his cameos in the tabloids for dating Hollywood sorta-starlets like Mischa Barton and Kimberly Stewart. But most likely? You probably know him for his father: Producer and director Lou Adler. And so it is. Check out the amazing photos by Chris Victorio of the bands and the young crowd by clicking here.


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