What You Missed Over The Weekend Part XVIII

PhotobucketThis weekend began on Thursday thanks to Rockstar Energy's Taste of Chaos tour coming to Long Beach arena. Weekly staffers and freelancers headed out and experienced the shenanigans reporting back later, hung over and rocked out.

Music Editor Dave Segal spent Friday taking in Crystal Castles at Detroit Bar and tapping his foot furiously to the skinny-jeaned electro beats. Sadly, it was too hot and packed in there to bust out any non-existent repertoire of dance moves (view photos here). Meanwhile, Derek Olson attended The Billabong XXL Global Big Wave surfing awards. Cowabunga! No? Not funny? eh.

Saturday found Rich Kane recapping the Reg and R. Scott Moxley dissin' on Dillow. Again.

While Edwin Goei did what he does best on Sundays—eat. This time he tasted the splendors of The Crystal Cove Shake Shack and it seems he's a little shaken from the experience.


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