What You Missed Over the Weekend Part XVIII

PhotobucketThis weekend had so many festivals going on that both Navel Gazing and Heard Mentality were working through the weekend.

First, we had Luke Y. Thompson pulling double duty blogging his little heart out at the Newport Beach Film Festival AND attending his big movie premiere in Hollywood. While Dave Segal and Erin DeWitt were off at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio listening their little ears off for our reading pleasure.

Speaking of a festivals, Gustavo Arellano attended the LA Times Festival of Books and spoke on a panel about immigration. Once that was over he practiced a little religious commemoration by stirring the shit some more with Robert Morey, pastor of Faith Community Church in Irvine. This time he unleashed yet another critique of Morey's blog, BiblicalThought.com.

Then Rich Kane blessed us with another review of the car wreck that is the OC Register complete with puppy, kitty and exploding diarrhea references. And Edwin Goei actually witnessed a car wreck while eating at Gammy's Café. But don't worry. It didn't disrupt his appetite. Read a review of the restaurant here.


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