What You Missed Over The Weekend Part XVII

PhotobucketThis weekend was a kick ass good time with Rich Kane doing another edition of the Reg-O-Meter that's pretty funny, I'm not gonna lie.

Saturday night caught Dave Segal reviewing Autechre, Rob Hall and Massonix at Echoplex, where he was a lil' influenced because he's been into Autechre ever since he heard their tracks on the first Artificial Intelligence compilation.

Meanwhile, Luke Y. Thompson attended a Hollywood party at the house Orson Welles died in. The home is currently owned by "Heathers" screenwriter Daniel Waters, whose new movie "Sex And Death 101" just opened.

Sunday found Thompson attending a memorial barbecue for his late friend, conservative columnist Cathy Seipp. Attendees included LA Weekly news editor Jill Stewart, advice columnist Amy Alkon, actress/comedian Sandra Tsing Loh, and bloggers Mickey Kaus, Luke Ford, and Ben Sullivan. While Edwin Goei dined at Daikokuya, a highly-regarded L.A. ramen shop that recently opened a location in Costa Mesa and Gustavo Arellano explained to us all what The Real Reason Why UCLA Lost is.


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