What You Missed Over The Weekend Part XV

PhotobucketOn Friday night, Dave Segal watched London duo, Black Ghosts, put on one of the better hipster-dance live shows he's seen in a while. Saying, "It was kind of like a combination of Daft Punk and Chemical Brothers, full of aggressive beats, filthy synth textures and sing-along tunes."

Saturday found our own Luke Y. Thompson at the toy store shopping for Iron Man action figures to add to his collection. He found himself a Robert Downey Jr. action figure at the Toys R Us in Irvine.

Too bad it looks more like Eddie Izzard than Downey, though. Sigh.

Also on Saturday: The Reg-O-Meter's data came back with another negative reading after Rich Kane tore last week's Orange County Register articles apart. Check back next Saturday for this week's reading. (And if you notice a Reg tidbit you feel we should add to the mix, please feel free to e-mail rkane@ocweekly.com)

On Sunday, Edwin Goei told us how to properly enjoy an all day Filipino breakfast at Manila Groove in Tustin. Sadly, it doesn't involve a big wooden spoon and fork. While Gustavo Arellano warns cruisers not to hit Bristol (cuz da po po be roamin) and R. Scott Moxley remarks about Gordon Dillow's uncanny ability to generate imaginary dilemmas. And get paid!


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