What you missed over the weekend: Part XIV

Dave Segal and Tom Child spent the weekend in Austin for the South By Southwest Festival, which they live-blogged out of Heard Mentality. Browse the SXSW blog for their coverage here, and do scroll down and flip through some slide shows while you're there. Chelsea Ide wraps up the SXSW weekend quite nicely over here.

Once again, the Reg-O-Meter (which now has a snazzy new logo - thanks, Steve!) went negative after Rich Kane fed it this week's notables from the Orange County Register. Check back next Saturday for this week's reading. (And if you notice a Reg tidbit you feel we should add to the mix, e-mail rkane@ocweekly.com)

On Saturday, Christopher Victorio snapped the GoodGuys 2nd Orange County Car Show at the Costa Mesa fairgrounds. Photos of funky rides and fuzzy dice over here.

Also on Sat: Luke Thompson and pal Matthew King viewed The Bank Job and critiqued it on YouTube. And Nate Jackson chronicled a Huntington Beach protest that marked the 5th anniversary of the Iraq war.

On Sunday, Edwin Goei told us how to get a dollar off bento boxes at Costa Mesa's Mitsuwa Marketplace. And Gustavo Arellano found yet more morons to rant about.


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