What you missed over the weekend: Part IV

Friday night took Reid Sheldon to The Gypsy Lounge in Lake Forest, where he noted three mid-set stage exits, an impromptu rap and two wardrobe malfunctions as he documented "death doo-wop" group Jail Weddings. Check out Reid's Last Night review (the first of many, we hope, for 2008) over here.

Meanwhile, Gustavo Arellano took food critic Edwin Goei's advice and headed over to Jason's in downtown Santa Ana. The Mexican was impressed and recommends the corsican calamari and sea crepes.

The craptastic weather didn't keep OC Weekly staffers across departments from holing up at Detroit Bar Saturday to see The Bird and The Bee and support our own Kevin Poush, whose new band, Two Guns, was playing. Shawn Smith wrote a live review and took pictures (as did Le Receptionist, Leslie Agan).

On Sunday, the OC Register unlearned photoshop, as evidenced by this screen capture of a story detailing the arrest of Darin Minasian, the "Jelly Belly Bandit," who appears to have had his head cut in half.

LYT went to a bunch of malls over the weekend and lamented the closing of yet another Kay Bee Toys (Laguna Hills) and yet another Spencer Gifts (Irvine Spectrum). "Then I ate the best abalone I've ever had at Maki Maki sushi at the Spectrum, even took a photo of it."

As for me, moving to Anaheim finally paid off with this announcement from the Disney people. Just when I was grumbling about SanTana residents getting free access to Bowers (every first Sunday and third Tuesday) too. Not that this is a freebie (it's from friggin Disney after all), but it's better than nada.

Hope your weekend was happy.

Photos of the staff at Detroit courtesy Leslie Agan.


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