What you missed over the weekend: Part II

Freelancer Shawn Smith was at Disneyland Friday night when she noticed that the Social Distortion show slated for the evening had been pulled. We bit our nails wondering if this was the latest in Disney censorship at the venue, which Clubs editor Erin DeWitt blogged in September. But it wasn't so, thank goodness. Shawn reports that the boys simply had the flu. Get well soon, guys.

Staffer LYT drove to the L.A. River Center Friday to bid Los Angeles Times editorial page assistant editor Matt Welch adieu. For those who don't know, Welch is heading to Washington, D.C. in January to take over as editor-in-chief of Reason Magazine. The band TSAR played, and as much merriment as could be had next to the L.A. River was had.

Our Erin DeWitt attended the Militia Group and Pull Your Pants Up Christmas party/food drive in Newport Friday to show support for co-worker Kevin Poush (who couldn't make the event and had to stay home sick). Bah, almost everyone at the office has been sick this season. Photos later - if Erin can track down the photographer she ran into at the party, that is.

Tori Amos dropped in on the Grove of Anaheim Saturday night, switching wigs between songs. Our photographer was all set to shoot her, when the venue told him Amos' publicist had denied the request last minute. Kinda odd since she spoke to the Weekly just last week. "Only one photog was approved," he grumbled. Looks like that person was Miguel Vasconcellos of the Reg. Alas, Miggy appears to have gotten the "first five minutes" deal, since all his photos feature Amos in her first wig of the night. Lame sauce, as our Amanda Parsons would say. In other Amos news, watch Tori kick two disrespectful cellphone-using fans out of a concert in San Diego over here.

Gustavo Arellano visited the Sol Art Gallery Cafe Saturday night for the opening of the Conversations with God show, featuring the art of Eric Leonard Jones and the music of the Mad Marionettes. Twas a cool show, he reports. "Unfortunately, I arrived just as it finished, but I heard good things..." Jones' art will be on display till February. Details here.

After being M.I.A. on the blog for weeks (and immersed in several top secret projects), R.Scott Moxley returned to Navel Gazing last week and blogged this, this and this over the weekend. Dunno about you, but I'm still in shock. Great to have you back, Scottie.

Music editor Dave Segal attended the raucous, psychedelic Christmas party thrown by L.A. Record's hip staff at the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts Sunday night, "one of whose gifts was a pleasant case of tinnitus, thanks to stellar sets by Magic Lantern, Crystal Antlers, Antimc and a few of the area's savviest DJs," he writes. Drop by our music blog, Heard Mentality, later today for a full report.


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