What You Missed Over the Weekend: Margaret Cho

She opened Saturday night's show with a scowl and a simple "I really fucking hate Sarah Palin." It may seem obvious—particularly from a bleedin' heart lib, fag hag, Christian right-hatin' (and, notably: former Sunday school teacher) comedienne like Margaret Cho. She was met with cheers of course.

Cho is currently on her national tour called "Beautiful"—named so thanks to an asshole radio show host who asked Cho not too long ago, "What if you woke up tomorrow beautiful?" Obviously met with outrage, the host went on to pontificate: "You know, what if you woke up tomorrow and you were blonde and you had blue eyes and 5'11" and 100 lbs? What would you do?"

Cho's response? Well, first: "What do you mean what if?!," then: "Well, I probably wouldn't get up because I'd be too weak?"

The show was filled with all the expected topics: her being a slut, feminism, being an Asian-American, what happens to fag hags when it's "dick o'clock" at the gay bar, her fear of anal sex, her intense love for bears (not the animals), Britney Spears, her mom's accent, Jesus being a bottom... you know, the usual Cho fodder. The audience filled with Cho's dedicated fan base at the Long Beach Terrace Theater howled and hollered non-stop, pausing only to shout declarations of love—save for the silent elderly couple in front of me that sat stunned throughout the whole thing.

Also, it must be noted that Liam Kyle Sullivan opened up the show. You might know Sullivan better as his YouTube hit (with over 21 million views) compulsive shopper teenage persona, Kelly. Yes, Sullivan performed "Shoes" (which didn't exactly... translate well outside the realm of viral video) but only after strumming a tune on his guitar as Kelly's large chested lesbian Aunt Susan.

After the cut: a few favorite Margaret Cho moments from her previous tours. (NSFW, obviously.)

VH1's The Cho Show just aired its season finale, but you can still view all the episodes in full-length online here!

Sorry for the poor quality on this one, but it's a must!:


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