What You Missed: Maloof Money Cup, Amtrak Mooning, Detroit Bar, Surf Dogs, New Kids on the Block

Watch and learn
Watch and learn
Keith May

It may have been 5,000-degrees out, but the weekend's events raged on regardless. From reminiscing with one of our favorite boy bands ever (what,


don't have one?) to watching a labrador retriever go down the line with more ease and comfort than any surf pro, we could barely decide on how to split our time over the weekend.

On 7/11, the First Annual Surfin' Paws Surf Dog Competition took place at Huntington Beach's Dog Beach. Oh, it's as cute as it sounds. Follow photographer Keith May as he discovered the First Annual Surfin' Paw Dog Jam. The event benefitted the OCSPCA (www.orangecountyspca.org) and a red carpet event was held later at the Waterfront Hilton. For more photos from the best event in the world (like, EVER), click here.

Next up, photog Robert Fayette caught up with Danny Wood, Joey McIntyre, Jordan Knight and Jonathan Knight--you know, the New Kids on the Block?
The Not-So-New Kids on the Block
The Not-So-New Kids on the Block
Robert Fayette


"Made You Look": Attractive people only. Thanks.
"Made You Look": Attractive people only. Thanks.
Chris Victorio

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