R.I.P., John
R.I.P., John

What We Learned, Jan. 13-Jan. 20

Here is the week that was and what we learned from it . . .

JAN. 13: John Berry is stabbed to death behind a Carl's Jr. in Anaheim and, thanks to a passersby, police quickly capture not only the alleged murderer of the 64-year-old homeless man but the accused serial killer of three other homeless men who have been fatally stabbed since Dec. 20. Former Marine Itzcoatl Ocampo, 23, of Yorba Linda, could face the death penalty. What we learned: Accused mass killer Scott Dekraai wasn't the only former Marine-turned-monster lurking around these parts.

JAN. 14: Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach) tweets: "Want to outrage a conservative? Pee on the American Flag. Want to outrage a liberal? Pee on a dead terrorist." The "Mouth that Rohrabachered" was reacting to the uproar over an image of four U.S. Marines peeing on the corpses of Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. What we learned: Dana must've just got his

Obama cops
Obama cops

JAN. 17: Early in the morning, DEA goons conduct a sweep of Costa Mesa medical marijuana dispensaries, raiding several storefronts as well as homes of collective members. The raids confirm that Obama's war on California weed is showing no signs of ending anytime soon. What we learned: Time to look up Ron Paul on the ballot.

JAN. 18: Accused mass killer Scott Evans Dekraai pleads not guilty at arraignment to fatally shooting eight people and attempting to off a ninth at Salon Meritage in Seal Beach on Oct. 14, 2011--the worst mass killing in OC history. DeKraai's second arraignment (and second not guilty plea) come as the result of a grand jury indictment two days before intended to speed up justice. What we learned: To hate him all over again. And you're next, Ocampo.

JAN. 19: Chad Martin Jurjaks, a Costa Mesa white dude, pleads guilty to having yelled "Fucking Mexicans" as, without provocation, he punched a 42-year-old man and his 26-year-old nephew outside a 7-Eleven in his racially charged hometown last March. Copping to the hate crime counts may reduce the up to seven years and four months in a state prison cell the 31-year-old was looking at. What we learned: To buy my Scratchers and liters of the Dew at Circle K.

JAN. 20: Samer M. Mouwakeh is about to faces the consequences of allegedly violating his probation in Superior Court Judge Carla Singer's 10th floor Santa Ana courtroom when he flees the room, races down the hallway and jumps into an elevator in apparent hopes for a speedy getaway. But one bailiff grabs him before the doors close, and a dozen more rush over when the defendant is heard wailing loudly. What we learned: To take the friggin' stairs.


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